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In an effort to provide you with better services, we have developed a set of treatment protocols for commonly encountered problems or conditions. We hope that we cannot only assist you in treating problems but can offer you some insight into their prevention.

We realize that many of you already have ways of doing things that may differ. We encourage you to share your protocols with us so we can possibly help improve upon them or help make sure that drug residues are not a problem.

In the protocols, specific amounts of drugs to use are not stated. Since almost all drugs are dosed according to body weight, we ask that you refer to the product label and adjust the dose based on the size of the animals. Also, since labeled withholding times have been known to change; we ask that you refer to the withholding times on the product.

Another problem that we all are facing is hazardous waste disposal. Disposing of needles, syringes, and unused medication or vaccines in landfills may not be an acceptable practice in the very near future. We at Northern Lakes Vet Supply look to develop a plan to help you dispose of these materials properly at a nominal cost to you. Please contact us if you have interest in the service.

We appreciate your business and hope to be able to continue to provide cost-effective products in this time of low milk prices and ever-rising expenses.