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Hours: 8:00 am - 4:30 am
Our primary goal is to help our clients be more efficient and profitable. Good animal health is a cornerstone for profitability! Specific programs and products we provide include:
  • -Antibiotics
  • -Reproduction
  • -Implants
  • -Vaccinations
  • -Deworming Products
  • -Fly Control
  • -Mastitis Prevention
  • -Consulting Provided By Staff Veterinarian
  • -Recommended Protocols Provided
  • -Youngstock Health
  • -Dry Cow & Fresh Cow Health
  • -Antibiotic Residue Prevention & Education

Stocking LARGE inventory of prescription animal health supplies

  • Vast inventory of animal health products and livestock supplies that our knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the best products for your herd health.
  • One source convenience saving you valuable time by purchasing all your needs at Northern Lakes Vet Supply.

Get the maximum out of your treatment & preventative products at a COMPETITIVE PRICE

  • Competitive prices will boost your bottom line.
  • Staff vet will provide management plans and solutions for dairy and beef tailored to your farms specific needs.
  • We offer preventative and treatment plans that will result in healthy animals therefore increasing production.

FREE delivery & shipping

Routine farm visits by sales staff & consulting veterinarian

  • Our vet and staff will assist and educate you on the best products for your animals by understanding the individuality of your farm.
  • We help you and your staff remain up-to-date on new products, programs, animal health issues and specials through personal farm visits.

All rebate & promotional paperwork handled by our staff

  • Eliminating time consuming and confusing paperwork so you can focus your energy on farming.

Serving ALL of Wisconsin

  • No farm is too big or small for our services.
  • We will provide the knowledge to help your business succeed!